My name is Alexandre Impinna, I'm a digital content creator, born in Montpellier, France and now living in Montréal, Québec.
I love to discover new things, deconstruct every day design, chocolate ice-cream, knowing how things are made and create various projects with my brain and my computer for my own pleasure.
You can check below some on my projects done in recent years!
A bientôt!
For International Women's Day 2018, I contacted some women’s musician from around the world to participate in a compilation and reverse all the funds to the Global Funds for Women, an association who fights for women’s rights all over the world. The compilation is "The Song She Plays". Artwork by Sarah Guiderdoni.
Le mur des citations (The quotes' wall) is a quick project that I did to store all the quotes or the piece of sentences that I found reading, scrolling or hearing. It generates random colors and shuffles the quotes each time the page is loaded.
At the very end of 2017, I created Kōkishin Magazine, an Instagram-only magazine offering every day, timeless cultural recommendations.
The point of it was to make people discover things that I enjoyed and to forced me to write (in English) short texts about it.
As the end of 2017 arrive, I did my usually top albums of the year. With the 66 albums I choose, I made a mini-site where you can filter the albums by genre, country or language. Super fun stuff, huh?

Skills 🎤

I love to learn and I'm a fast learner. I have good HTML/CSS/Bootstrap skills. I made relatively good lemon poppy seed scones. I can use movie editing software like FinalCut or Premiere Pro (I prefer the latter). I know decent Swift(/Xcode) and Javascript code, but if you ask me to be better at it, I will gladly improve. I did several works on Unity and Sketch. I know how to use the Suite Office and the iLife suite, but who doesn't? I speak French simply because I'm French and I speak English simply because I learned it watching American movies. I can start a lot of sentences with the same pronoun.
For Halloween 2017, I created a mini-site where you can watch old (and spooky!) horror movies. It is based on the films you can found on Internet Archive, there is a Jack-o'-lantern button that select, randomly, a film in their database.
After experimenting on an iOS project and lose everything because of a failed hard drive, I thought I needed to do a simple iOS app, and that's what I did! Dictcons is a stupid app who generate the first half of a proverb and add punctuation and emojis, giving the proverbs a whole new way of reading it. It's in French, it's stupid, it's useless, but I love it.
Just after The Forest, I started to work with two friends on If a tree falls..., one friend doing all the 3D works and the other one, the sound design and music. I did all the rest in Unity. The game was for the Global Archiact Jam and even if the optimization is not perfect it was finalist! 😎
In January 2017, I had the chance to be in the Follow Along Program of Pixelles Montréal. Even If I did not finish it during the program, The Forest VR was released on the Play Store in March. It's a basic Virtual Reality arcade game where you have to pick apples before the time runs out. It was made on Unity.

Social 🍾

If you want to spy on me 👀 (that's fine, I get it, you are curious), you can find me on Instagram (where I post my own photos), Tumblr (where I post other people's photos), LinkedIn (where I try to look presentable), Facebook (where I post mainly stuff that people don't care about) and probably a hundred of other places (where I subscribed, one day full optimistic for this new start-up).
I rediscovered chatbot 🤖 in April 2016 and immediately wanted to build one! I thought about the kind of bot to make and as it was before just before I left for Montréal 🇨🇦 , I thought that it will be a good idea that it does a sort of interactive résume. That's how Aleks is born!
After trying several times to maintain a blog, I started in 2016 what finally became FUTUROLOGIE. The blog is about future and the changes that it will bring among us. But also, since I'm in Montréal, I interview people from the tech scene of Québec. The blog is not dead yet, it's just not quite alive.
Citoyens du Monde was a podcast I created and co-hosted with my friend, Romain. Each month, we choose a city around the world and explored, during approximately 2 hours, its music scene. The first episode was about Reykjavík and was launched during February 2016. We stopped the podcast after 7 episodes because I moved in Montréal.

Misc. facts about me 🔍

The Graduate is my favorite film. No, I'm not judging you, I've got RBF. I often go to concerts alone. I have tattoos that means something and tatoos that don't means anything. Everything interrest me. I love pink (the color). I can stay in front of a painting in museum for half an hour. I don't do drugs, I am drugs. I love repetition and pun in humor. No, I don't particularly love Salvador Dali. Yes, there is chances I'm judging you, actually.
After seeing this documentary, I became interested in typography and as usual, I wanted to experiment ⚗️ with it. More than just create a useful font, I wanted to make one which have a meaning for me, that is why each font is based on the real handwriting of members of my family.
Flag of the Earth's Photo Generator is a little project that I did, following the events in France in November 2015. It's the first project that I did of this kind putting my PHP, CSS and HTML knowledge to create it. The result is not technically perfect but it's working, so I'm proud of it.
The JÓLIN CLUB is an advent calendar in the form of a newsletter, starting the 1st until the 25th December. Subscribers receive each day, cultural recommendations accessible freely : a movie, a podcast, an illustrator, an album...

Contact 📫

Interrested in working with me? Recommend me a pizza place? Want to see a proper CV? Or simply have a chat about life and corgis? You can send me an email, it's probably the best way to reach me.