I have never seen making music as a serious business. It has always been fun to me.
I never had pressure to do it so I always experiment with music like I wanted to. That is why my music is so strange because I did't plan to released it, I just do it like people paint just for themselves. Nevertheless, you can check two of my musical projects below.

Sebastian Delarge

I first started to do music when I was in middle school with Fruity Loops.
I knew nothing about music creation, I was just doing experimentation with FL and Windows speech synthesis.

I picked Sebastian Delarge as my "artist name" because Sébastien is my second name and Delarge come from Clockwork Orange's main character, Alex Delarge (and Alex is already my first name, so).
In 2012, years later I put all I've had done on a bandcamp in case my hard drive died (and it has died ☹️).
So here is the music of a 14 year old boy.

Gros Prince

After experimenting with my Sebastian Delarge project, I never really stopped doing music.
It was not necessary every day, nor every week but sometimes it was during a month and then nothing until 6 months after.

Gros Prince (“Fat Prince”) is the name of my current musical project where I use Logic (as I am now on Mac) to produce electronic music tracks with a lot of voice samples. It’s like Sebastian Delarge but I think I’m better now to organize my musical ideas than I was at the time!
I didn’t really compose entire tracks since 2013 but this may change, who knows 😶