Flag of the Earth's Photo Generator

In November 2015, some horrible events happened in France but unfortunately it was not the only place where tragedy happened as people died in Lebanon and Irak too.
Facebook did a photo generator where you could put the French flag upon your profile pictures but not for the other countries who mourned their deaths too.

We are all humans and when one person died it is always a tragedy whether it’s in France or Lebanon or Irak or Kenya or the USA or Tunisia or in any country belonging to this beautiful planet.
We’re reaching a point in our perception of life, we must be stronger than what is tearing us apart and concentrate ourselves on what’s good for the human species.

In the header you can see the Flag of Planet Earth, we did not design it (Oskar Pernefeldt did) but we (Axel Lacan and me) created this photo generator for people who want to show their love to this planet where we all live.

We think it’s a good way to show your support not only for France but also for the other countries who lost so many innocent people in these tragedies.

Planet Earth is beautiful and it’s ours, we have to think about what we will leave behind but also how we want the Humans to be remembered.
We have to think further than we’ve been told to, we’re living in a time of deep crisis touching everybody personally in their own environments.
This flag should be used in any moment of a universal and human crisis no matter where happen this crisis.

As Oskar Pernefeldt said when he presented this flag to the world:

“The proposal could be used while representing Earth but also remind the people of Earth that we share this planet, no matter of national boundaries. We should take care of each other and the planet we live on.”

We are only one people on only one earth.
Let’s start to ❤️ each other.

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