When I was in High School I discovered podcasts through the radio shows ๐Ÿ“ป I missed the day before and that I was able to catch on later. Then I discovered "real" podcasts and I got really hooked on.
In late 2015, I talked with one of my closest friend and said to him that I wanted to do a podcast, he was excited because he had an idea for a show he wanted to do with me .
That's how Citoyens du monde (Citizen of the World) , my first podcast, is born in January 2016.
Since I've worked on other podcast ideas that I hope I can launch soon!

        Citoyens du Monde

Each month, me and my co-host and friend, Romain, we choose a city around the world and explore, during approximately 1 hour, it music scene.
The first episode is about Reykjavik and was launch during February 2016. In September 2016, we stopped the podcast to launch it under a new format.

        Coming soon

Coming in Late 2016 : A podcast with people talking about the future and how they imagine it...

        Coming soon

Coming in Late 2016 : Discover the vinyl that I bought in a thrift store or garage sale at the same time then me.