Video Games

For the last 5 years I wanted to be a developper, I enjoyed spending hours and hours in front of my computer solving problems just to noticed that it was just a semi-colon missing somewhere.
So, in January 2017, I have decided to put on hold all my different projects and to concentrate only on one thing : building video-games (and iOS apps 😬).
I had a day job but I was well decided to start to learn C# and Unity to work on my first projects.
You can see some of them below.

The Forest (VR)

I discovered Pixelles MontrΓ©al a few days after arriving in MontrΓ©al in September 2016. In January 2017, the new edition of the incubator started and even if I couldn't participating (it's only for people identifiying as woman), I had the chance to participate in the Follow Along Program.
It gaves me motivation to start and finish my first game even if I did not finish it during the program, The Forest was finally released on the Play Store in March. The game itself is just a basic arcade game where you have to pick apples before the time runs out.

If a tree falls...

This project was made in March 2017 for the Global Archiact Jam, just a few weeks after The Forest.
I worked with two friends on it, the first one did all the 3D models (trees, animals) and the second one did all the sounddesign and music.
Even if the optimization is not perfect, we were finalists of the Game Jam and really proud of it !