Writing, for me, is a way to share with others what I don’t want to keep for me.
I like to write ✏️ about music, technology, movies or any topics that I’m interested with.
Below you can find examples (all in French) of what I wrote in the past, like my previous Blog (check out my new one!) or the memoir about web-series I wrote for university.


FEBRUARY 2012 - JULY 2013

Witz Montpellier was a website dedicating to the culturals events of Montpellier (France), my hometown.
The first article I wrote for the website was a series of interviews with five web-series’ creator from Montpellier about their creations process and the relation between their web-series and the city. The other articles were about film festivals happening in the city, Fest'afilm and Cinemed.

That was the first time, I wrote for someone else and was read by more than one person. Now when I read these articles I saw all the grammar and spelling mistakes that I made at the time and I feel terribly ashamed 🙈
But it was such a good experience to have a "Press Pass" to go and see all these movies for free during the festivals and spoke about it after. BEST FEELING EVER, RIGHT? 😄
After doing these festivals I knew that movie theaters were really one of my favorite places to be.

Web Series:
- Part 1: Man Vs. Dead
- Part 2: Belloni
- Part 3: Bail à Céder
- Part 4: Comment pecho?
- Part 5: Another Hero

Others Articles:
- Fest’afilm Montpellier
- "Chronicle" de Josh Trank
- 34ème Festival du Cinéma Mediterranéen
- L'Assistant

Nocturn Magazine


Nocturn Magazine was an online magazine and a short experience for me because I wrote only one article for the magazine and it was the last issue published by the magazine, so...
My article was about The Top 6 of French Pop bands that you need to know in 2013 because at that time a lot of new pop bands in France started to sing in French.
Nevertheless it was a good experience that taught me about working long-distance (the "head" of the magazine was living in Berlin) and synthetize my thoughts.
Plus, it gaves me the occasion to listened many good French bands!

You can read my article (who was also published on HSHTGS) below but just check the entire magazine on the website!


MARCH 2013 - DECEMBER 2013

HSHTGS was a blog I’ve created during the beginning of the redaction of my memoir in University in March 2013 (like I needed more works 🤓).
I was watching so many cool web-series (the subject of my mémoire) that I thought I needed to share it with more people than the two who will read my memoir plus I liked so much writing an article for Nocturn Magazine that I wanted to start my own thing.

The blog was centered around digital pop culture and new-media.
I wanted to have a blog where I write long articles about a subject instead of posting short news but in the end of August of the same year I started an internship in Troisième Oeil Productions in Paris so I was too busy acclimated to my internship and the Parisian life to continue to write long articles.
I continued to post on the Facebook page for a couple of weeks some links I found interesting but I stopped the website for good in August 2014.


MARCH 2013 - JULY 2013

During the year 2012/13, I was doing the first year of my Performing Arts' Master at the Paul Valery University in Montpellier.
I had to do a mémoire and after intense thinking about my subject (I first wanted to do it on Harmony Korine), I finally chose to do it on the web-series and especially American web series of fiction.
I chose this subject because at the time almost no university (at least in France) was thinking about web-series in an academic way or doing research about it.
My main question was “Does American fiction’s web-series are just a simple evolution of TV Shows?”

It gaves me the chance to wrote about the origin of web-series, evolution of diffusion, economic issues, amateurs vs. professionals, crowdfunding, representation of homosexuality on web-series vs. TV Shows, etc.
I loved doing that, even if this was a lot of work but at the end I received a 15 (on 20) grade so I was happy about it.
You can read it by clicking on the title. Beware it is long and in French.